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A tannoy is an extension that, when dialled, initiates a call to a predefined group of phones, automatically switches them to speaker mode, and broadcasts the caller's message through their loudspeakers.

A tannoy can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Emergency broadcast
  • Panic button
  • Patient call in system
  • Factory floor announcement

Be aware that using a tannoy can consume a significant amount of bandwidth. When adding phones to a tannoy group, consider your available bandwidth. Refer to our Bandwidth Planning page for more information.

Setting up a tannoy

1. Check you have the appropriate permissions.

To create a tannoy, you’ll need permissions to edit groups and rules on the domain.

2. Create a group.

From the babblevoice console, open the Stuff page and click Add, then Group. Give your group a name, then select every phone you want to include in the tannoy from the Members dropdown. These are the phones that will be called when the tannoy is used. Click Save & Close once you’re ready.

a screenshot of the group creation modal

3. Create a tannoy rule.

From the babblevoice console, open the Rules page and click New, then “When a call comes in for 123 then”. This will open the Rule Editor for your new rule.

a screenshot of the add new rule menu

Click on the first rule chunk where “123” is written and replace this placeholder number with whatever number you want to use to trigger your tannoy. For example, if you want to open a tannoy when someone dials “9009”, then replace “123” with “9009”.

a screenshot of the rule editor

Next, click the Plus symbol to the right of the first rule chunk to add a new rule chunk. Scroll down to the Groups subsection and click “use phones in the group choose a group as a tannoy”. The new rule chunk will be added to the right of your first rule chunk.

a screenshot of the add new rule chunk menu

Click on the new chunk and then select the group you made in the last step from the drop down menu. For example, if you created a group called “PanicButton” to use as a tannoy, select that group name here.

a screenshot of the rule editor

Finally, click Save & Close. Your tannoy is now set up. When a user dials the extension selected in your tannoy rule, they’ll be able to broadcast their message through the speakerphones of all the devices in your tannoy group.