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Performing a Survey

Call Rule

You can construct a call rule to get an inbound call to perform other tasks after the call has been handled by an agent. The most useful example of this is collecting feedback from the caller as to how the call was handled. In this document we will use that example to show its usefulness.

The first task is to setup a call queue an enable the on call hangs up transfer rule chunk.

When an incoming call comes in on 01594887372 then after the called agents hangs up transfer the caller to extension survey then change the queue strategy to enterprise then queue the call for group customerservice with a high priority, queue for 3600 seconds then hangup the call with the reason normal clearing.

Then we create our auto attendant which offers the options (I would recommend using a recording for this).

When a a call comes in for survey then say 'Thank you for calling our surgery, to let us know how we did, please dial 1 if you experience was positive or 2 if it was not' wait for the user to dial 1,2,3.. and go to extensions positive,negative. When a call comes in for positive then say 'thank you' then hangup the call with normal clearing. When a call comes in for negative then say 'thank you' then hangup the call with normal clearing.

This is the simplest example. We can offer more options and also capture, things like, more information when someone selects negative, for example, playing another message and asking for a message vie a voicemail rule or similar (which can also then turn the recording into text and email it to you).


This example then links into babble Vibes reporting system - in this case specifically the statistics Vibe reporting on Auto-attendant statistics.

Go to babblevoice Vibes, on a board you have already created, add a new statistics Vibe, then set it to look at Auto attendant data and choose from the list the positive and negative extensions and the time period you are interested in (note for this to work, there needs to be some data generated - so call through to those extensions to generate some dummy data).