This is how your direct debit is calculated

Intro Our Direct Debit looks at a number of factors when calculating how much to collect and is calculated five days from the end of the month. It will collect the required amount to take the domain balance up to the value you have requested in the Direct Debit form. It includes the monthly line rental items as well as a guestimated of the call spend for the remainder of the month.

Guide - replace a phone with VLANS

Intro If you are here, hopefully you have already identified that you are using VLANS. For the first step in replacing your phone then you need to get the VLAN ID from your existing phone (or another babblevoice phone) by following the steps below: On the base unit of the phone, press the menu button. Scroll to Settings and select. Select advanced on the next screen. Enter the admin password - a new unused Polycom phone will be 456, for an existing phone it can be found from the babblevoice console:

How to ensure you don't run out of funds

Introduction Having sufficient funds on your domain is essential in ensuring babblevoice works. If you run out of funds, you will not be able to make outbound calls. Funds can be added to your account in different ways; you can set up a direct debit or add funds to your account using a credit card via Paypal or a PayPal account. We recommend you set up a direct debit to cover your costs but will go through all these options below.

Guide - full reboot

Onsite full reboot Ok, if you have ended up on this page then my apologies. If you have been told to reboot - I know the feeling when this is the advice I receive. I am being fobbed off. We have tried to make the equipment you have as simple as possible. But unfortunately sometimes this does need to be rebooted. Hopefully, broadband, broadband routers and phones will become more reliable in time…

Guide - how to handle phone calls during company meetings

Introduction During normal day time activity the office opens and closes like clockwork. Open 9 AM, close at 5:30 PM, Monday through to Friday. Apart from things like Bank Holidays, this happens week in out. But then there are some times, randomly, where you need the phones to switch over to voicemail, or out of hours, or whatever at other times. You know, for a company or practice meeting or training session - whatever.


Intro A tannoy is an extension, when called from a phone will call a group of phones, switch them to speaker mode and play on the loud speaker whatever the caller says into the calling phone. Here is an example When a call comes in for 444 then use phones in the group test as a tannoy. Under ‘Stuff’ you would create a group called ‘test’ and add the phones you wish to broadcast to.

Guide - resolving poor quality

Introduction This is both a guide for end users in how to resolve quality issues with phone calls and also serves as the procedure our own support staff follow when helping end users resolve ongoing call quality issues. Procedure Verify Phone calls can suffer with poor quality in a varying number of ways. It is important we find out what exactly the issue is so that we can narrow down what changes, if any, need to be made.

SoundStation 7000

Manual Configure SoundStation 7000 For some reason, Polycom have not released the latest version of firmware for this phone - which means the phone is not capable of auto configuring (which includes Zero Touch Provisioning), so there is a small routine to configure this phone. Find out the phones IP address Press Menu Select Status Select Network Select TCP/IP Parameters Make a note of the address in the IP field, it will be something like 192.

Guide - replace a phone

Intro If you need to replace a phone as one has died, or you are simply upgrading then this guide should provide you with everything you need to know about how to go about it. If you do need any further help with this process then please contact us. This guide will be Polycom centric, but you can apply most of it to other phones. Initially, you need to identify if you have VLANS.

Contingency Plan

Intro In life there are some circumstances that fall outside of your, and our, control. These can include disruption to your power supply and failure of the internet connection. We advise all our customers that they prepare in advance for these. The following are a list of suggestions that we recommend you look through to see which would be the most appropriate for you: Failover options in babblevoice - this can include a simple vibes switch which implements a disaster plan of your own choosing i.

4G router

Intro 4G routers have a SIM card slot that enables you to insert a SIM card and set up your router so that if your broadband line was to go down, the router would switch automatically to 4G during the down time. This will be set up on your router when it is first installed although further details can be found here. You will need to purchase a SIM card for data for the 4G to work.