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This is how your direct debit is calculated

Our Direct Debit looks at a number of factors when calculating how much to collect and is calculated five days from the end of the month.

It will collect the required amount to take the domain balance up to the value you have requested in the Direct Debit form. It includes the monthly line rental items as well as a guestimated of the call spend for the remainder of the month.

So for example:

On April 25th, the current domain balance is £100

Phone number rental £20

Call spend this month £25

Average daily spend £25 / 25 days = £1

Guestimate remaining spend for calls this month £1 x 5 days = £5

Top up amount to £200

Amount collected by direct debit = £200 - £100 + £20 + £5 = £125

As per the example above, on April 25th, we will provide notice to you that we will collect £125 from your bank account. On the 1st of the following month that collection will be attempted.

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