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SoundStation 7000

Manual Configure SoundStation 7000

For some reason, Polycom have not released the latest version of firmware for this phone - which means the phone is not capable of auto configuring (which includes Zero Touch Provisioning), so there is a small routine to configure this phone.

Find out the phones IP address

  1. Press Menu
  2. Select Status
  3. Select Network
  4. Select TCP/IP Parameters
  5. Make a note of the address in the IP field, it will be something like

Configure the phone

  1. With your computer plugged into the same network as the phone
  2. Open a web browser and set the address to (changing the address to the one you got above)
  3. When the page loads, log in as admin with the default password of 456 (if you do not know the admin password a method of getting in can be found here)
  4. Click Simple Setup

Then for the following fields

Time synchronisation

  1. SNTP Server:
  2. Set the timezone

SIP Server

  1. Address: this is the babblevoice domain, for example,
  2. Port: leave this as 0 (auto configure)

SIP Outbound Proxy

Leave this section as is (blank).

SIP Line Identification

  1. Display Name: Whatever you wish to appear on the phones screen
  2. Address: extension@domain, for example,
  3. Authentication User ID: extension, for example, 1000
  4. Authentication password: In the babblevoice console, edit the Device to get the device secret
  5. Label: You can leave this blank

Once you save the changes your phone will now work. We would also advise you to change the admin password.