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4G router

4G routers have a SIM card slot that enables you to insert a SIM card and set up your router so that if your broadband line was to go down, the router would switch automatically to 4G during the down time.

This will be set up on your router when it is first installed although further details can be found here.

You will need to purchase a SIM card for data for the 4G to work. There are various options with regards to this and may depend on which supplier has the best coverage in your area. You can purchase a pay as you go SIM card with the option to purchase additional data if required, or purchase a SIM only contract which gives a data only (or equivalent) plan.

We recommend a minimum of 40GB is in place.

There may be a small amount of down time when the router switches to 4G but normally the 4G will be up an running within minutes.

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