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Your Equipment

babblevoice is designed to be as simple to use a phone system as one can get. Ultimately though, you do need some equipment - you need a phone to talk on and some 'stuff' in your building:

  • A broadband connection
  • A router
  • One or more network switches
  • One or more phones


High speed broadband connections are available in most parts of the country. In a lot of areas you can also get fibre broadband connection which boast higher speeds and a more reliable connection.

We generally see BT fibre or Virgin Media connections in our customers sites.

The broadband line will plug into a router - our most suitable router to install is a Draytek router.

Network Switches

These are the things that glue all your phones together. Your phones need internet access which is provided by purchasing the broadband connection. However, most internet hubs available from the likes of Virgin media or BT only have 4 sockets in the back to plug in for different devices (or phones).

A network switch is therefore used (much like a mutliplug that you use for electric sockets) to allow you to plug multiple devices into your broadband. This can go into the 100s if required. Typically a network switch will allow 24 devices to be plugged into it - 1 socket for the broadband then 23 for the phones. We will use multiple switches if necessary.

The switches also provide power for the phones. Therefore, if you need to restart all of the phones at once it is done easily by powering the switch(es) off, then on again.


We highly recommend standard VOIP phones and the brand we like is Polycom. They have proven to be easy to set up, are reliable and the sound quality is amongst the highest we have tested. We recommend the Polycom VVX 101 but you can use Google to explore the range.

Other phones that we support can be found here.

In babblevoice we will often refer to phones as 'devices.'

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