Babblevoice telephony's commitment to sustainability

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Right from day one, our co-founders have been determined babblevoice would be designed and maintained as a sustainable innovative health tech solution.

Today, babblevoice is as determined as ever to keep sustainability a priority. As such, we have made six sustainability pledges to help guide the company on the next step of its sustainability journey.

Our six sustainability pledges

  1. We commit to contributing to a Greener NHS
  2. We ensure all decisions around cloud hosting prioritise sustainability and environmental impact
  3. We select suppliers and partners that share our sustainability ethos
  4. We commit to supporting our customers in primary care to make energy savings
  5. We select components and make technical design decisions that prioritise sustainability and energy efficiencies
  6. We dispose of hardware with sustainable considerations

Supporting a Greener NHS

In 2020, the NHS became the world's first health service to commit to reaching carbon net zero in response to the growing threat to health posed by climate change. Our commitment is to contribute to the NHS targets by ensuring babblevoice is a sustainable tech solution.

For more information on the Greener NHS programme and their report on delivering a net zero health service, head to their website.

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Helping our customers make energy savings

Switching to a customised cloud-hosted telephony system like babblevoice creates opportunities for surgeries and PCNs to make cost savings on energy usage. Costs associated with hosting, servers, and legacy equipment can be reduced.

To find out more about how our customised cloud telephony system can help surgeries and PCNs to achieve cost savings, read our commitment to sustainability blog article.

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