The babblevoice telephony system story

Our founders, Nick and Antoine, created babblevoice in 2011.

Their mission was to create an affordable, high quality, reliable phone system, purpose-built for primary care.

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Our story

Nick and Antoine have long had a strong connection to the NHS and primary care in particular, not least because they are both married to GPs.

Dial back over ten years ago, they witnessed at first-hand how costly and complex it was for a GP practice to change phone supplier. Exorbitant exit fees, lengthy fixed contracts, services with no added-value, hidden costs – all for a system that didn’t even do what was really needed.

Convinced that GP practices, their staff and their patients deserved better, they set about creating babblevoice.

Just what the doctor ordered

As Antoine explains, "The message I kept hearing from my partner was that it was harder and harder for GP surgeries to keep up with the demand for their services. They were quite simply being run ragged trying to match an insufficient capacity with an ever-growing demand.

"The light-bulb moment for us was when Nick and I realised we could help ease the pressure by creating a phone system that automates as many of a surgery's routine tasks as possible. Things like booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions. This automation gives the patients what they want in a simple, timely way, while freeing-up surgery staff to spend time with the patients that really need to speak to them."

Today, babblevoice is the phone system of choice for hundreds of surgeries throughout the UK. We believe that's because we listen not just to doctors' orders – but also nurses, receptionists, practice managers, and patients.

Our family business has grown over the years, but we still offer the same personalised service. We know our customers by name, and when you call us, you speak to an actual engineer who is happy to help.

Every element of babblevoice has been, and continues to be, designed to solve real, existing issues in primary care. A phone system that quietly goes about its business alongside its surgery. Helping, not hindering, the provision of care.

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