A specialist telephony system for commissioners and PCNs

Babblevoice offers a range of hosted telephony services specifically for a network of GP surgeries.

These services are designed to support the achievement of economies of scale and greater collaboration between GP practices.

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All our network services are included with babblevoice at no additional cost and can be operational from day one.

man sitting at open laptop showing Vibes reporting tool from hosted telephony system installed at GP surgery

Insightful scalable phone system reporting

Our Vibes reporting tool can report across a range of levels as required. For an individual, a team, a surgery, or an entire primary care network.

Crisis management at the touch of a button

Babblevoice enables a custom-designed disaster recovery plan to be activated (and de-activated) across your network at the touch of a button.

For example, calls to a closed surgery can be spread across other surgeries throughout the network. And the source of these re-routed calls can be identified on arrival at the new site. Allowing the call handler to answer the call using the original surgery's name to reduce patient confusion.

Quick-to-change call load balancing

Calls can be swiftly diverted between surgeries should one location become particularly busy.

Easy to set up centralised telephony services

When it works best to centralise a service onto one site such as a flu clinic, then babblevoice can support the set up and ongoing management quickly and simply.

graphic of arrows and lines showing scalable hosted GP telephony system
nurse with community member after successfully connecting via hosted GP surgery telephony

Flexible hot desking empowered by your phone system

Babblevoice's super flexibility enables all members of a PCN to work just as effectively and efficiently from any site, as they would in their own surgery.

Phone systems for hub and community offices too

Babblevoice can also support the provision of telephony systems for community-based services and network offices as required.

The perfect prescription?

If your practice is presenting with high phone costs, functionality that doesn't add value, and unhelpful onerous contracts, then get in touch. We can talk through your requirements and arrange a demonstration.

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