Reseller Terms and conditions

  1. babblevoice is responsible for:
  2. providing the reseller with timely and accurate support
  3. acting, at all time, in good faith towards the reseller
  4. providing the reseller with such information as may be needed by the reseller to introduce new users
  5. The reseller is responsible for:
  6. ensuring the user’s infrastructure is up, running and suitable for babblevoice
  7. providing the user with timely and accurate support
  8. behaving in a professional manner towards babblevoice users at all times
  9. identifying users and getting them up and running with babblevoice
  10. complying with all reasonable and lawful instructions from babble ltd
  11. not representing the reseller as babblevoice but as an authorised reseller of babble ltd services
  12. acting as the user’s representative when communicating with babble ltd
  13. The reseller is not an agent of babblevoice. The reseller cannot refer to itself as an agent and cannot make warranties or promises on behalf of babble ltd
  14. The reseller may charge the user for any ancillary services agreed by the user but must act in the user’s best interests at all times
  15. The user’s first port of call is the reseller
  16. Commission:
  17. Payable from time to time at babble ltd’s entire discretion
  18. The reseller may receive reward payments on each of the reseller’s users’ entire spend each month as a credit to the reseller’s domain from time to time
  19. Reward payments may continue for so long as the user is supported by the reseller
  20. Reward payments may continue for so long as the reseller is deemed to be a suitable babblevoice reseller as determined by babble ltd staff
  21. Commission can be paid out to the reseller’s bank in denominations of £100