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This is where you find and access the financial aspects of babblevoice.

If you have access to more than one domain, the domain that you are viewing is highlighted in green (in the example above, the domain is omniis).

You can see at a glance the funds left on the domain and the call spend bars. These will change colour - red if you are running out of funds, through to orange and then blue if you have plenty of money.

The blue menu bar then gives you your options:

Adding funds is a simple process done by either credit card or paypal. However, we do encourage customers to set up a direct debit which will ensure you do not run out of funds - all of these are accessed on the menu bar shown above. The direct debit will automatically top up your balance each month to an agreed amount.

Please read our How to Add Funds doc for further information on this.

Call cost calculator - this button does exactly what is says! It allows you to work out the cost of a specific call.

Transfer Money - this allows you to transfer money from one domain on babblevoice to another.

Statement - this button gives you easy access to your current and past invoices.

Export CDR - this button will provide you with a list of calls that have been made to and from the babblevoice system.

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