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Rules are where the magic happens!

Rules allow you to direct calls depending on the time/date and user responses. Click on Rules, as shown above, to open up the Rules section.

All call rules are written in plain English, and sentences are built up from 'rule chunks' (parts of a sentence). You can delete rules, add new ones and edit existing rules from this screen.

Different rules can also be joined together by jumping from one call rule to another - you can therefore make your rules as simple or as complex as you like! As they may be complex, we sit down with you and create the rules during the installation. It is worth creating your own flow diagram to decide what should happen when people ring up i.e. what options they are given, what checks you want to do on day and time etc.

By clicking on flow you can follow the path that a particular call may take.

As the rules are such a big section we have a separate call rules guide for you to refer to for these.

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