babblevoice Desktop for Windows Version history

Intro babblevoice Desktop for Windows has two components: The Windows program - the version history is supplied below. We try to keep this program as simple as possible but this is the program which provides integration with other applications. Web component. The Windows program pulls down the same Web Desktop as if you had logged into the browser version. This is updated automatically to the latest version as there are no installed components.

Using babblevoice Desktop

Intro babblevoice desktop is a helper application designed to make using your phone easier. There are many functions that can be done using the desktop on your pc such as answering calls, transferring calls and picking up calls out of a queue. This document goes through all the features that are available to you on desktop. At the top of your babblevoice desktop, you can find the main control bar where menu items drop down from the search bar.

babblevoice Desktop

Intro babblevoice Desktop is a helper application designed to make using the phone of your choice easier. babblevoice Desktop is not a phone, it helps you manage your real phone (for example a Polycom VVX 201 sat on your desk). babblevoice Desktop comes in 3 flavours babblevoice Desktop for Web babblevoice Desktop for Microsoft Windows™ babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome™ (Chrome extension helper) For Microsoft Windows™, babblevoice Desktop quietly sits in the system tray.

Configuring babblevoice Desktop

Intro When you first install Desktop, or open it in Windows, then you will need to configure it. Basically, this means you get to set it up so that it works the way you would like it to. 1. Open up Desktop. 2. Open the Config screen by clicking on the cog: This will then bring up the following box and we will go through each of the options available to you below: Domain:

Using babblevoice Desktop V1

babblevoice Desktop Overview This document covers version 1. This version has now been discontinued. This page will be left for now. Whether you use babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome or for Microsoft Window’s, you will have the same screen. Toolbar This option will take you to the configure page where you can change the devices displayed in the extension This option will display your babblevoice contacts, this contacts can be configured from the babblevoice Control Panel from Devices-> [your device] -> Edit Device -> Phone Book from this list you can then call your contacts.

babblevoice Desktop API

Intro This is currently work in progress. Please contact us if you are interested in using this API. The desktop API uses the presence API to receive events.

EMIS Web for babblevoice Desktop

Intro EMIS Web allows healthcare professionals to record, share and use vital information, so they can provide better, more efficient care. The babblevoice Desktop EMIS plug-in provides desktop functions (finding a patient and clicking to call, or you receive a call you can show that patients record in EMIS Web) IVR integration, allowing patients to call into your surgery and book, cancel remind, check-in appointments Setup Please refer to EMIS Setup.

Google Contacts for babblevoice Desktop

Intro Currently this is only supported in the Google Chrome extension. It offers click to dial of the contact in display.

Install babblevoice Desktop

Intro There are 2 versions of Desktop available and a helper: babblevoice Desktop for Microsoft Windows™ babblevoice Desktop Web babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome™ - Chrome extension (helper) The Windows™ version was released to provide integration with Windows™ applications. The Web version is designed to run in any web browser so works on all platforms such as Windows™, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and so on. The Chrome extension simply provides a few helping hands.

Nutshell for babblevoice Desktop

Intro We support Nutshell both a plugin for babblevoice Desktop (which works best in the Web version of Desktop). Also, the Chrome extension has support for finding phone numbers in the Nutshell page you are on. Providing easy click to dial for that contact. The Nutshell plugin is useful for managing your work flow from Nutshell CRM. When you first add the plugin you will have Nushell icon added to your babblevoice Desktop toolbar.

Outlook for babblevoice Desktop

Intro As we have migrated to version 2 of babblevoice Desktop we have had such little interest in Outlook support that we have decided not to support this integration for now.

Setup EMIS Web for babblevoice Desktop

Before installation Before you start setting up the EMIS plugin, you will need to make a few changes within EMIS Web. Ensure you have manager credentials to be able to log into EMIS Web to make changes. Any computer, whether in desktop or IVR mode, requires EMIS Web to be installed onto it. If your practice intends to use the IVR within the plug-in, you must have a dedicated machine that can run during the time you intend offering the IVR.