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Call Parking

When switched on, call parking can offer a simple way of transferring a call to another phone. It is called call parking as it is virtually identical to parking a car. You have a phone call, you park it, leave it and either you or someone else (who also has Call Parking switched On), can pick it up again.

In order to switch Call Parking On/Off for your phone, please read our Configuring Desktop guide.

When you have a call you wish to park, open babblevoice Desktop and click on the car button (see below) on the active call that you wish to park.

Your call is now parked and you can use your phone for other calls. Whilst a call is parked, it will show up on your Desktop. In the menu on the right hand side of the Desktop screen there is a .

When there is a call parked it will show you - in the following example, 1 call is parked: .

Click on this icon to open up the call parking screen. This will show you the calls that are parked and who parked them:

To pick up a parked call, pick up your phone handset and click on the call you want to pick up. Alternatively, clicking on the call without picking up the handset will answer the call on speaker phone.

Babblevoice supports call parking without the use of babblevoice Desktop. However, when handled visually it is much easier to use.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.