When you first install Desktop, or open it in Windows, then you will need to configure it.

Basically, this means you get to set it up so that it works the way you would like it to.

  1. Open up Desktop.
  2. Open the Config screen by clicking on the cog:

This will then bring up the following box and we will go through each of the options available to you below:

Choose the domain you are interested in.

My Phone:
This is the phone that you wish to make calls from - the one that will be shown at the top of your Desktop.

Other Phones:
Use this drop down to select other phones on the domain (your colleagues) that you wish to see on your Desktop. In the example above, all the phones on the omniis domain are selected.

With this set to ON you will have the ability to intercept (pick up) a call ringing on a specified device. If you are changing the settings, remember to click the Save and Close button at the bottom of the box.

Auto Copy Caller ID:
If this is marked as ON then your computer will automatically copy the number which is calling, or has been called by, your phone (as long as desktop is open).

Parking Lot:
This switches on and off the parking feature of Desktop, which allows you to park calls off your phone so that other people can pick them up for you.

Override Caller ID:
This will allow you to call out with a different caller ID or as withheld. Set this to yes and it will bring up a further box which allows you to scroll through the number available to you to choose which caller ID you would like to use for your call. Click save and close at the bottom to update your preference.

Call Lists
Setting this to ON will enable the user to access the Call Lists function on Desktop. You can read more about this feature on our Call Lists doc.

Setting this to ON enables the hotdesking function.

Choose which queues you want to be able to view on your Desktop. Remember, to update your revised queues you do need to hit the save and close button! Pressing the air horn feature here enables you to set up audible call alerts. Please click here for further details on how this works and setting it up.

This changes the colour/view of your Desktop. Change the theme and click save and close until you find the setup that suits you best!

For more information on using babblevoice Desktop you can find further information on our Using babblevoice Desktop doc.

If you need any further assistance on Configuring Desktop then please contact us.