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babblevoice Desktop

babblevoice Desktop is a softphone and/or helper application designed to make using the phone of your choice easier. babblevoice Desktop is a phone or it helps you manage your real phone (for example a Polycom VVX 201 sat on your desk).

babblevoice Desktop comes in 3 flavours

  1. babblevoice Desktop for Web
  2. babblevoice Desktop for Microsoft Windows™
  3. babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome™ (Chrome extension helper)

For Microsoft Windows™, babblevoice Desktop quietly sits in the system tray. With support for Javascript extensions, it also provides support for compiled bvp extensions, which are capable of integrating into Desktop applications.

Installing babblevoice Desktop

Instructions on how to install babblevoice Desktop for Microsoft Windows™ or babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome™ can be found here.

Please click here for our guide on how to use babblevoice Desktop.


  • Can be used as a softphone or a phone helper
  • Phone helper allows you to control the phone on your desk for all call control (dial, hangup, transfer, intercept)
  • Click to dial
  • Automation
  • Script integration to your business application
  • Use the supplied script to dial select number in any application with support for EMIS and SystmOne out of the box
  • Simple hot keys to dial mobile, home, work numbers in application or hangup current call
  • Web Screen Pop
  • (Google Chrome™ extension) Dial phone number direct from any web page
  • Support for queues
  • Support for call parking
  • Manager - spy
  • View colleagues status
  • Call lists
  • Web and Microsoft Windows™ Versions

With the power of bablevoice Desktop plugins, you can search external data sources for contact information, click to dial directly from babblevoice Desktop. Powerful IVR scripts can be run from babblevoice Desktop, truly integrating your application with your telephone system.

Available plugins

(Please please contact us if you have a plugin for babblevoice Desktop and you would like it listed here).

Default hotkeys

These are system wide hotkeys. The supplied scripts are designed to work with corresponding plugins - for example, if EMIS Web is the active window then babblevoice Desktop will get the number for the currently selected patient using our EMIS plugin. If the current window is notepad, then it will try and get the phone number from text in notepad - if some text is highlighted it will grab that text.

The hotkeys can be changed by editing settings.lua.

  • ctrl-1 to dial mobile
  • ctrl-2 to dial home
  • ctrl-3 to dial work
  • ctrl-4 to dial selected text
  • ctrl-h to hangup active call
  • ctrl-shift-b to show/hide babblevoice Desktop


We want to encourage developers to build integrations to their favourite apps, babblevoice Desktop makes this possible by providing a framework, the babblevoice Desktop API, to quickly build telephony applications using web technology you already know.