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Making a call on Desktop

Call another extension

Simply click the extension

Call a number

Option 1

  1. Enter the number in the search bar
  2. Click "call:" (or the green phone icon)

Option 2

Use the dialpad

Call a Contact

Option 1

  1. Click the in the sidebar
  2. Find your contact
  3. Click the number you want to dial

Option 2

  1. Type the name (or part of it) of your contact in the search bar
  2. Hit Enter to search for the contact
  3. Click the number you want to dial

Call from any Microsoft Windows™ application

For more information have a read about our automation. Automation is designed to integrate with your actual application. We have supplied support for EMIS Web and SystmOne which can either be used as an example to write your own script, or if you use these applications.


  1. ctrl-1 - dial mobile
  2. ctrl-2 - dial home
  3. ctrl-3 - dial work
  4. ctrl-4 - dial selected text
  5. ctrl-shift-b - show/hide babblevoice Desktop
  6. ctrl-h - hangup current call


Click the red icon.


If you have the Windows application installed, use ctrl-h.

Get in touch if you have any questions.