Making a call.


How to make a call:


Call another extension on your domain
Simply click the extension

Call a number
Option 1

  1. Enter the number in the search bar
  2. Click “call:”

Option 2

  1. Click the icon on your phone
  2. Type in the phone number and hit Enter

Call a Contact
Option 1

  1. Click the in the toolbar
  2. Find your contact
  3. Click the number you want to dial

Option 2

  1. Type the name (or part of it) of your contact in the search bar
  2. Hit Enter
  3. Click the number you want to dial

Call from any Microsoft Windows™ application

  1. Select the phone number
  2. Copy (ctrl-c or your favourite method)
  3. a) If you have babblevoice Desktop downloaded on your pc:
    Right click the babblevoice b in the system tray (in the bottom right of your screen) and left click on the ‘call…’ option.
    b) If you do not have Desktop installed:
    Open Desktop and paste the number into the search bar at the top and press call.


  1. Give the window control which has the phone number in it focus.
  2. Ctrl-1

Have a look at automation to integrate with your actual application automation. We have supplied support for EMIS Web which can either be used as an example, or if you use EMIS Web, actually used.


  1. ctrl-1 - dial mobile
  2. ctrl-2 - dial home
  3. ctrl-3 - dial work
  4. ctrl-shift-b - show/hide babblevoice Desktop
  5. ctrl-h - hangup current call

Click the icon.

If you have the Windows application installed, use ctrl-h.

Get in touch if you have any questions.