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EMIS Web for babblevoice Desktop

EMIS Web allows healthcare professionals to record, share and use vital information, so they can provide better, more efficient care.

The babblevoice Desktop EMIS plug-in provides

  1. desktop functions (finding a patient and clicking to call, or you receive a call you can show that patients record in EMIS Web)
  2. IVR integration, allowing patients to call into your surgery and book, cancel remind, check-in appointments


Please refer to EMIS Setup.


We have created a set of downloadable, printable documents to allow for easy set up and use of the babblevoice Desktop and the emis plugin


The babblevoice Desktop plugin for EMIS Web is a helper application, designed to help you manage phone calls using patient records

  • Click to dial
  • Search for EMIS Web patients directly from babblevoice Desktop
  • Click to dial of currently selected patient in EMIS Web.
  • Navigate EMIS Web to display the person you are on the phone with in EMIS Web.
  • Interactive Voice Response: configure your babblevoice phone system, in conjunction with babblevoice Desktop with the EMIS Web plugin, to offer a patient booking service to your patients.

Plus all of the standard babblevoice Desktop features to see who's on the phone, 1 click dial colleague, hangup, transfer calls and so on.

Patient Booking Services (IVR)

babblevoice can be configured to use the EMIS plugin to offer appointment services as phone options when patients call in.

When configured in this way, the following menu will be offered

'Thank you for calling, please dial 1 for reception or 2 for appointment services'

When '2' is dialled by the caller, the following options are given

  • Ask, caller for date of birth (to identify them), identify caller based on caller id and date of birth
  • If found multiple (i.e. twins), then prompt user to narrow it down
  • Offer the options: 1 - book appointment, 2 - cancel appointment, 3 - check time of appointment, 4 - check in for an appointment