Live Queue enhanced data

2 November 2021

We have released an extension to 'Live Queue', which you may recognise as part of Vibes, the babblevoice reporting tool.

                a laptop showing live queue enhanced data

What's in it for me?

Previously 'Live Queue' enabled you to see the number of agents waiting in a queue.

Now, 'Live Queue' enables you to also see a list of those agents and how many calls (both internal and external) have been answered by each person.

How do I get it?

To activate the new extension, roll the mouse over 'Live Queue' in Vibes, click on the spanner icon and mark the 'Agent Summary' checkbox. To stop using it, simply unmark the checkbox.

Please contact us with any queries or assistance with how to use all our new product upgrades.

The perfect prescription?

If your practice staff is presenting with high phone costs, functionality that doesn't add value, and unhelpful onerous contracts, then get in touch. We can talk through your requirements and arrange a demonstration.

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