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Customised telephony transforming ICB connectivity

Babblevoice’s specialist healthcare telephony supports Integrated Care Boards to deliver highly coordinated and consistent healthcare through enhanced connectivity.

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Our advanced cloud telephony features include functionality customised to support integrated care boards with:

  1. Improved surgery productivity
  2. Better coordinated delivery of patient services
  3. Enhanced patient experience
  4. Cost savings
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Babblevoice provides insights to enhance performance

Vibes, our telephony data reporting module, enables the monitoring of progress towards delivery of regional healthcare strategies. Managers have access to detailed information from every surgery site to assess patient demand and inform performance improvement initiatives. Commissioners can make data-based decisions regarding critical areas such as service provision, centralisation and resource allocation.

Babblevoice supports scalable extended access provision

Rolling out our advanced cloud based telephony system throughout a healthcare region supports the provision of extended access via centralised contact hubs. This enables commissioners to provide a coordinated approach to health and care that is consistent for patients no matter which surgery site they visit.

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Babblevoice enables responsive disaster recovery

With babblevoice telephony inter-connected across all ICB sites, if a surgery needs to close for any reason (e.g. electricity failure, flood etc.), calls can be swiftly diverted to alternative sites at the touch of a button. Emergency responses can be pre-planned enabling diversions and back-up plans to be enacted immediately, minimising impact to patients.

Babblevoice unlocks financial savings

Our healthcare specific telephony system enables the streamlining of surgery workflows at scale. This allows efficiencies to be realised, enabling cost savings to be achieved.

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We streamlined our phone systems across all our sites and moved from three different providers to one single solution. We chose babblevoice because their system worked best for patient access.

Kevin Doran, Sunderland GP Alliance

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