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Specialist telephony empowering PCN collaboration

Babblevoice is designed exclusively for primary healthcare. Its advanced cloud based technology provides specialised support for practice-patient-staff communications, whatever their location.

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Our adaptable telephony features include functionality customised to support primary care networks with:

  • Regional centralisation of services
  • Standardisation of workflows
  • Raised performance
  • Increased efficiencies and cost savings
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Babblevoice supports patient access to a range of healthcare services

Our user-friendly, intuitive design connects surgeries and other healthcare providers to offer centralised services for patients via a single phone number. Delivering enhanced provision to patients, such as extended access and specialist clinics e.g. flu vaccinations.

Babblevoice helps teams to work collaboratively

Our intelligent inter-connectivity enables ‘one-team’ working, enhancing collaboration throughout a network of surgeries. Specialisms can be shared at different sites and team members can effectively support each other across locations.

This enables load-balancing across a PCN or region, where one surgery team can help another, maximising efficiencies and smoothing peaks in demand.

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Babblevoice enables clinicians to work flexibly

Clinicians take babblevoice and its specialised functionality with them wherever they need to go to serve their patients best – be it a residential care home, a surgery site, a PCN hub or working from home.

Any desk, hot desk or otherwise, feels like their own, with patient records only one click away.

Babblevoice provides scalable management information

Telephony data provides critical insights for today’s primary care management. Babblevoice delivers easy to access real-time and historic call information available at every level within a PCN.

Managers can take an overview or deep dive of performance statistics enabling data-based decision making, allowing targeted improvements.

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Babblevoice includes so much great functionality for a PCN. The reporting is very useful, the doctors love the EMIS integration, and IVR is working really well for us too.

Tina Pascoe, Brocklebank PCN

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