Rachael Lankshear

Brunel Medical Practice

                Rachael Lankshear babblevoice satisfied customer of hosted telephony system for GP surgeries

An equitable digital telephony solution that leaves no one behind

I am Practice Manager for our three surgeries. We care for 16.5k patients in the Torbay and Torquay area. A significant proportion of our patient population are aged over 65 and many have chronic health problems, are housebound or care home residents.

We collaborate frequently with two neighbouring PCNs and I took the lead to find a new telephone system on behalf of all 12 of our combined surgeries.

I chose babblevoice over the 9 other products I considered, because of four main areas:

  1. They are significantly less expensive than other providers
  2. Their EMIS integration is highly effective and user-friendly
  3. All the functionality they offer is relevant and useful for our surgeries. Other providers tried to sell me “fluff”! It might have looked nice, but it didn’t help us.
  4. They haven’t tied us in to a fixed term contract (unlike one provider who insisted on 7 years)

Our installation at Brunel’s surgeries went very smoothly. It took 12 weeks from placing our order to being up and running which included a non-babblevoice cabling delay. Their installation manager booked in five days on-site with us which I initially thought would be too long but turned out to be spot on. It meant it was like no other tech system implementation I have experienced. I was relaxed throughout!

Together, we configured babblevoice to do exactly what our team here at Brunel needs it to do. The five days also included training, so by the time we were finished, we all had a confident grasp of the system. So far, we haven’t needed any further training, and I have booked us in for IVR (interactive voice response) training in time for our flu clinics.

Babblevoice is extremely adaptable - we’ve configured a number of features specifically to support our older patient population:

I am so impressed with the level of care the babblevoice team give us, throughout their organisation. It has been extremely refreshing to find senior executives who are keen to regularly speak to their customers.

Babblevoice is such a great cloud based telephony system for primary care surgeries, I’m often spreading the word to my colleagues at other practices. You simply cannot overstate the impact on patients and practice staff of a surgery phone system that works brilliantly. It’s so important to get right.

The perfect prescription?

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