The device API gives access to devices. A device is typically a phone on the network, but also can represent a SIP server.

Returns a table of devices (phones or servers) the authenticated user has access to.


Returns statistics for the specified device.

  • ‘f’ device full address, for example (or comma delimited, urlencoded)
  • ’s' the stat we are interested in
  • ‘calls’
  • ‘callsmade’
  • ‘callsreceived’
  • ‘quality’
  • ‘callsanswered’
  • ‘callspend’
  • ‘x’ the xform (transformation) we are interested in (i.e. average (mean) over 1 hour), if left it will return the raw data - meanhour, minhour, maxhour (for quality) sumbillday, sumbillhour, sumdurationday, sumdurationhour, countday, counthour, avhourbillsec, avdaybillsec, avhourduration, avdayduration, sumringday, sumringhour, avhourring, avdayring (available for callsanswered only), maxspendhour, maxspendday, sumspendhour, sumspendday (for callspend)
  • ’t' timespan - time in seconds since unix epoch that we want to see data after
  • ‘o’ offset - time in seconds offset from now you want to see the data up to

Returns the secret for the specified device.

Spy on a call which is in progress for a specified device.

Transfer a call which is in progress for a specified device.

Intercept (pick up) a call ringing on the specified device.

Returns the phonebook for the device.