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Call Costs

This page gives you further information regarding the costs of calls within babblevoice. The cost of calls from babblevoice are billed per second which saves you a significant amount and the prices listed are in pence per minute, excluding VAT.

Listed below are the most popular prices (per pence per minute exclusive VAT) from our standard tariff. The prices listed are typical for the destination and may vary. There is a minimum charge of 1.5p per connected call on chargeable calls.

Destination Peak Off Peak
National 1p 0.5p
Mobile 9.5p 9.5p
0870 13p 7p
0845 4.4p 2p
UK Texts (alerts) 10p 10p

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Peak refers to weekdays, between 9am and 6pm. Off peak is any other time.

To enable you to check prices of calls to different destinations on the current rates, there is a call cost calculator which can be accessed from your console. Click here for further information.

Charities and NHS organisations enjoy better tariffs - please get in touch.