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Call Quality Reporting

It is imperative that the quality of a phone call is not compromised simply to use new technology - such as babblevoice. Ok, it was a fair compromise to trade in some quality for the mobile phone revolution, but for an office phone on the desk, they pick up the handset and expect to make a call no questions asked.

When merging Internet with real time traffic - such as voice for a phone call, this is no easy task. There are a number of networks the traffic will be carried over along a host of other hurdles to jump.

This means it is important to be able to review that there is no problems - rather than wait for a users report of a bad call. Se we report on the call quality of calls which can be accessed in our console. Charts are available per device or per domain.


To view a whole domains call quality chart, all you need to do is click the View Quality Chart button on the Devices Widget on the main Control Panel.


To view an individual extensions call quality chart, just highlight the device in the Devices Widget on the main Control Panel and then click the Edit Device button. Select the Status tab, and voila. You will be able to see the Call Quality chart.