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Vigor 2760/2762

This is our preferred router. It generally works out of the box. It requires minimal configuration for BT ADSL/FTTC and works well with Virgin. We recommend:

  • Upgrading its firmware to the latest version
  • Disabling SIP ALG
  • Enabling SIP QoS for UDP port 9997

Configure for remote monitoring

Under normal conditions it is wise to leave the Draytek full locked down for zero remote access. There are some situations, such as looking for the cause of problems, where we need to access this device for you.

Enable remote web access

In order for us to gain access to all of the web admin pages of the Draytek and debugging tools

Ensure you have a good password

Do not leave the default password as the password. And ensure no easy passwords, such as 'password', are used. If you do this we will have zero sympathy for the mess you get into. This is serious.

System Maintenance -> Administrator Password Setup

Allow remote access

System Maintenance -> Management

Tick the "Allow management from the internet" and ensure the HTTPS server is ticked.

Allow SNMP

System Maintenance -> Management Enable SNMP - the device will need a restart.

System Maintenance -> SNMP Ensure the device has a SNMP GET communicty - normally 'public'.

Lock down

It is wise that the Draytek is also locked down. Ensure remote access is limited to a choice of IP address which is appropriate.

If you would like us ot monitor the traffic used by the device then you will need to allow (the IP address).