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Phone Number Pattern Matching

How the matching works

Pattern matching compares each digit of the match rule with the caller id. If the match rule is only 3 digits long, it will stop matching at 3 digits and if the first 3 digits match then it will be considered a match.

Multiple match strings can be added separated by a comma.

If the match string contains a '^' then this means 'not', for example, 00^0 means the 3rd digit cannot be a 0. So 000 would not be a match with this but 001 would be.

Some examples

  • 000 - caller id numbers which contain all 0s are caller id withheld, so 3 0s will match against this without upsetting inbound numbers from an international source
  • 00^0 - international numbers, callers from the US (001) would match this rule
  • 00 - this will match against international and numbers withheld
  • 07788036271 - an actual phone number you wish to specify
  • 000,07788036271 - (as in the example above) this will match caller id withheld and a specific phone number
  • 01,02,07,0800 - matches against local area and mobile and UK freephone