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Our first experience of a Panasonic phone and it was a DECT one (KX-TGP500), very nice looking, sturdy with a bit of brushed aluminium - nice! So to configure one:

  • Find the IP address of the phone you can do this by: Selecting menu > IP Service > Network Setting > IP Settings
  • Enable embedded web this can be found the Network settings page under IP service.
  • Navigate to the web configuration page

You will need credentials to access the page by default these are:

Username: Admin Password: adminpass

a. Select VoIP along the top tabs to access the SIP and VoIP settings. b. Select Line 1 to configure the extension. c. To be able to register the extension you need to enter a phone number, this could be your babblevoice extension or a telephone number, for the purpose of testing i have entered an extension. d. Under the SIP Server category you will need to fill out the following: * Registrar Server Address - This is your babblevoice domain ( * Proxy Server Address - This again is your babblevoice domain e. The next section which will require user input is the SIP Authentication category, in here you will need to fill out the authentication ID along with the password (this is your babblevoice secret).

Authentication ID is the extension number you would like the phone to be e.g. 9007