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Porting a number into babblevoice is extremely easy if you follow the guide

  • Ensure you don't cancel the line before we try to port,
  • ensure there are no services provisioned on the line otherwise the port will fail, services such as redcare security are a prime example,
  • check our fees page for the price of porting.

Gather the following information

Use Word or PDF versions of our porting form to trigger the porting process.

NB A current bill may prove useful in tracking down that elusive piece of information!

Once you have gathered this information, send an email to and a case will be booked and allocated to one of our engineers who will then manage the transition of your number.

If the porting fails because some of the information you have given us is not correct or you haven't ensured that your address is correct at your provider and subsequently their provider, then you could be charged another porting fee.

Provider Issues

All Telco providers have an issue porting from O2 as O2 does not have any porting agreement for their own numbers. If the number is originally owned by O2 then it cannot be ported, but if the number was originally owned by BT it can be ported. If your number was originally owned by BT then you can have it ported back to BT and then moved to us. This process is still be worked out as to what approach needs to be taken and further information will be put up here when known.

Tips to make the port go smoothly

The most common failure for ports, is an incorrect postcode and or address, sometimes this can mean there is no postcode for your account at the losing provider! To make it easier, you can check with your losing provider that they have the correct line installation address on file, and if it is a company other than BT, it will be well worth your while, asking them to confirm that the Range Holder has the same installation address.

Normally there are just 2 main elements to a port, there is a current provider (CP) and a range holder (RH), they can be different. When a port is submitted it is sent to the RH and the CP and they must both agree to the port. However, what can further complicate the situation is that there could be another company in between the CP and the RH (i.e the CP's reseller), but all the links in the chain must have the same information (your address) for them to authorise the port, so it may well be worth your time (you'll be saving money) to check the information is correct all along the chain, its a bit like moving house!

Provide us with a scanned bill, that may have all the numbers/information we need, only on very rare occasions it doesn't.


The system will calculate a date that allows for the minimum lead time we have to allow. You may change the date to any later date of your choice, as long as it is a normal working day in the UK. We cannot guarantee that the port can be carried out on that day until we have had final approval from the CP (Current Provider). The following timescales apply (guideline only):

  • Single Line 10 working days.
  • Single Line with greater than 10 lines porting at the same time 17 working days.
  • Multi Line – 30 numbers or less 17 working days.
  • Multi Line – 31 numbers or greater 21 working days.
  • Multi Line – Complex DDI 27 working days.


We will submit your porting order to the CP no later than the working day after you submit the port. An acceptance or rejection can be expected within 48 working hours. In accordance with Industry guidelines, port requests can only be rejected based on incorrect or missing information being presented, or if there is no live service on the number requested. The most common reasons for a port to be rejected by the CP are an incorrect line type, incorrect installation address / postcode, missing contact name on DDI orders and missing details of associated numbers. Please check these details carefully. You will receive an email confirming a rejection and the reason. Make the necessary changes, including requesting a new port lead time if the original date entered does not leave enough lead time, and then re-submit.


When we receive an acceptance from the CP you will receive an email confirming the port date and time, this will be the earliest date possible. You may be able to push back the port date once accepted but that will incur a charge, at the time of writing this (April 2014) the charge is £12 (this figure includes VAT).