Call List Live Auto-Update

20 March 2024

We have enhanced the call list view so that it is automatically updated whenever a change is made to the list. This removes the need for a manual refresh.

                a laptop showing the call list

What's in it for me?

When multiple members of a practice team are working through a call list at the same time, everyone is able to view the updates that each other has made. As soon as a change is input to the list, everyone’s view is automatically updated. This will enhance call list management workflows, remove duplication and improve efficiencies.

How do I get it?

This enhancement has been launched to all customers, so next time you view your practice call lists you will be able to benefit from the automated refresh immediately.

Please contact us with queries or if you require assistance with any of our new product upgrades.

The perfect prescription?

If your practice staff is presenting with high phone costs, functionality that doesn't add value, and unhelpful onerous contracts, then get in touch. We can talk through your requirements and arrange a demonstration.

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