New Vibes Report: Call list logs

9 January 2024

In response to customer requests, we have added a new call list reporting option in Vibes. Surgery teams can now run a report to display a log of all actions that have taken place for any call list created, showing them immediately when and which phone numbers were added, updated and removed.

                a laptop showing the new call list logs vibe

What's in it for me?

Babblevoice can be configured to create a call list at any time. For example, a list of phone numbers of patients who have opted in for a call back.

It can be helpful for surgery teams to review these call lists and the data associated with them.

A report can now be run in vibes providing detailed information about call list items, including user information, date and time. It shows when call list entries were created, amended and deleted, and which users were involved. It can also show when patients were called back following their request.

This information can help teams with aspects such as management decision making, process improvement, and enquiry resolution.

For more information on babblevoice call lists, click this link.

How do I get it?

This enhancement has been launched to all customers so the new option will be ready and waiting for you next time you log into Vibes.

Once in Vibes, add a new “Call List Logs” vibe to a board and select a domain.

You will have the option to filter the logs by type, tags or date range. Click “done” when your vibe is configured to view the logs. You can expand your view to see full details of any entry in the log by clicking the purple circular page icon in the furthest right column headed “Details”.

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