Zoiper for Android

Intro The following are instructions for how to download and set up Zoiper for your Android device: Download ZoiperBeta from the app store. The app will then open on the Account setup. Enter your username and password (see below). Click Create an Account. Select next and accept the default for the hostname. Skip “Authentication and Proxy.” It will then test configurations - if it fails all then select SIP UDP.

Zoiper for iPhone

Intro The following are instructions for how to download and set up Zoiper for your iPhone: Download Zoiper from the app store. Tap the cog at the bottom right for ‘settings.’ Select accounts and then +. If it asks if you already have an account click on yes and then Manual Configuration. Select SIP account. Enter your domain, username and password (see below). Click on Register (this can take a few seconds).

Setting Up Your Voicemail

Setting Up Your Voicemail. When you create a new device on babblevoice, it automatically comes with a voicemail box. Depending on what works for you, you can create voicemail boxes for each individual device as required and/or create a new device without a physical phone linking to it, to set up a company wide voicemail. There are a couple of things that you need to do to setup your voicemail. Firstly, make a rule that will send the appropriate calls to the voicemail and then secondly, record your own greeting.

Checking your voicemail

Checking your voicemail Listening to your voicemail can be done in various ways: Setting up a rule so that when you call a specified number you can access that voicemail. On the phone that the voicemail is attached, calling itself. Setting up a vibe. Setting up voicemail to email to transcribe the message into an email for you. Click here for details on how to setup your voicemail. Creating a rule: You can set up a rule to enable you to access the voicemail however you would like:


Intro VTech are a company with a particular interest in cordless technology. We have accredited 2 of their phones, the VSP726A and the VSP608A. With Vtech you get a lot of features for your money. Both phones have DECT built in (for different reasons which will be explained below). VSP726A This is a good entry level phone which competes well with a Polycom VVX 201. Whilst the Polycom has slightly better audio quality, the VSP726A has more features which include built in DECT and busy line indicators.

babblevoice and Faxes

Faxes are a dying technology. In our view, email is more secure and reliable. Faxes, contrary to popular view, are a completely insecure method of transmitting a document. The document goes over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network - i.e. BT) in a format that anyone listening in could decode it and view the document. This is not to mention how slow and expensive it is. Sending a fax takes several minutes to transmit and completely ties up the phone line whilst that one document is being sent.

Phone book entries

Create or edit an entry Simply fill in the required fields. Quick dial allows you to dial the phone number from your phone. In this example if the user dials *101 from their phone babblevoice will call the full number. The global flag means it will be available to all users. Favourite is currently supported by Polycom phones, this entry will be added to the quick dial area.

Android Phones

Intro Bria Counterpath is a long standing softphone provider and have produced a softphone for all devices called Bria. It does come at a cost but further details can be found on the Counterpath website. To install, in the market place search for bria and install! To configure Select more->Accounts Add account Account name: something recognisable for example “babblevoice” Display name: again, something recognisable but about you, this will become your internal callid, so for example your name Username: the username from babble device setting for example “1000” Password: the password from the babble device setting Domain: your babblevoice domain for example “blingbling.

babblevoice Phone accreditation

babblevoice maintains 3 levels of accreditation. Partial Accreditation will provide you with a phone which works, but may not provide the best user experience. Full Accreditation will give you a phone with better all round support and probably better sound quality. Higher Full Accreditation - that little bit more. Phones which receive either accreditation will also receive a mark for Sound Quality. Full Accreditation + ZTP Must meet the Full standard as well as:


Intro SPA 5xx This phone is fully supported by babblevoice. All others on this page are unsupported by us. Before you start, we only support phones which are running firmware 7.5.2b or later. It is possible to upgrade phones running earlier versions yourself but that is outside the scope of this document. The Cisco SPA5xx range of phones can be provisioned using the babblevoice provisioning system. Have a look at the video below on how to use it.


Intro Also see Android Phones for the Android version. Eyebeam is a full featured softphone, it also has a free version (which doesn’t offer call transfer) and that’s called X-Lite. Probably one of the more popular soft phones around today. Warning, like all softphones, they require more managing than a physical phone, you should be aware of this when choosing to buy physical or softphone. It has been full tested with babblevoice and we are happy to announce that it works.

Creating a Device

Create a Device Devices can be anything you use to connect to babblevoice with. Currently this could be: A Supported phone, a SIP Server, some form of CTI through something like our Tapi driver. Out of the three though, most likely, you will be creating (adding) a phone and so we have put together the following information to help you through this process. If you need assistance at any time then please contact us.


Intro Grandstream have been around for a long time. They are budget phones. If you are looking to get started with throw away phones, then this is the place to start. The good news is even the low end phones in their range support HD CODECS, so even though the voice quality is not quite as good as more expensive phones the voice quality is not too bad. GXP1105/1100 The GXP1100 and GXP1105 are essentially the same phone, the only difference is the GXP1100 comes with a power supply and the GXP1105 requires PoE, which makes the desk just that little bit tidier.

Headset Run down

Intro All of the following headsets include adapter cable for Polycom VVX phones. All prices exclude VAT. Wired Monaural Price £55 + VAT The JPL-501S is a stylish mid-office and contact centre headset suitable for regular phone users. The headset features a slim, flexible microphone with Surround Shield noise cancellation technology and Sound Defender acoustic shock protection. Wired Binaural Price £62 + VAT The JPL-502S is a stylish mid-office and contact centre headset suitable for regular phone users.


Intro A great little free softphone. It is compatible with Windows, Apple and even Linux. The quality in our testing appeared good and the configuration was VERY simple. Available from https://jitsi.org/ Under the SIP account section enter the details SIP id: yourextension@yourdomain.babblevoice.com Password: this is your secret from babblevoice It is that simple!

Multi Line

Intro There are some situations where a phone needs more than one account to be configured on that phone. These might include You need different outgoing caller IDs where making outbound calls, you may want to pick up calls for a different group but want to maintain your own extension, you maybe handling calls for more than one business, you have a DECT device and the base station configures each account for each of the physical handsets.


Intro Our first experience of a Panasonic phone and it was a DECT one (KX-TGP500), very nice looking, sturdy with a bit of brushed aluminium - nice! So to configure one Find the IP address of the phone you can do this by: Selecting menu > IP Service > Network Setting > IP Settings Enable embedded web this can be found the Network settings page under IP service. Navigate to the web configuration page You will need credentials to access the page by deafult these are Username: Admin Password: adminpass a.


Intro babblevoice conforms to the SIP standard. This means you can choose which phones you want to use in your office. Because it is a standard all phones which are made to this standard should work with babblevoice. Like all things though, not all phones where created equal. We have other documents reviewing phones - checking if they work or not, and they come under the heading ‘should work - but check with the manufacturer’.


Intro We love Polycom. They are robust slightly above average but affordable phones. If you are not familiar with the brand - they are world leaders in Voice and Video. babblevoice has tested lots of phones, including ones more expensive than the Polycom range and the voice quality in this brand of phones is not bettered. They have entry level devices such as VVX 101, 201 and more beefy models such as 650 which is a very capable receptionist phone.

Session Talk

Intro Downloaded from the App Store and set up in less than a minute, configuration below Display name: whatever you want Username: your bv extension number Password: your bv password Domain: yyyyy.babblevoice.com Where yyyyy is your domain name. And thats it … seriously easy .. :-) But, the call will only last for a minute unless you pay £3.99 (Nov 2015), which is great value


Siemens Gigaset N300 Warning, this phone contains a number of bugs which can be annoying. It has been replaced by the N300 and if you are using Gigaset this would be the prefered phone. A very nice little phone which is very useful for users roaming the office. As it is DECT this gives a great power saving over WIFI phones which by comparison drain the battery in no time at all (DECT was designed for low power and voice whilst WIFI was always envisaged for computers with no power issues - but speed was more important).


All Snom Configs As of Nov 2014, the following parameter needs to be changed on all SNOM phones; In advanced settings -> SIP/RTP -> “SIP Session Timer” needs changing to 90. Snom 300 / 760 Configuration If you would like more granular control of the features of the SNOM handset you can manually provision the phone using its web interface. These settings were tested by Forza IT using the SNOM 300 on the 8.

Voice Operator Panel

Intro VOP Voice operator panel has been selected by babblevoice as it is one of the few products to simplify call handling well in multi-tenanted environments. This compliments babblevoice as we are keen to show that babblevoice works well with large organizations as well as small. This piece of software works well in a business with 200 handsets in 1 business or with a building with 100 businesses with 10 handsets in each.


Intro Yealink are a great budget alternative to Polycom. They are very similar in functionality, but in our opinion the sound quality is not quite as good. We have a lot of happy users who say great things about them though. Supported Features All models are capable of getting power from the network (802.3af). This means your desk with be very un-cluttered. No worrying about power supply wires all over the place.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning New feature! - Please note Polycom ZTP may not work with older phones. Zero touch provisioning (ZTP) allows you to fully configure a phone without even getting it out of the box. We currently support Polycom and Yealink phones the following instructions are for Polycoms although for Yealinks following the below instructions and any Yealink specifics can be found here Yealink. There are 2 ways to use this feature, from the device popup window and also from a mass provisioning screen to add multiple devices in one go.


Intro Here you can find instructions on downloading and setting up Zoiper with babblevoice. To set up Zoiper for your Android device, please click here. For details on how to set up Zoiper for your iPhone, click here. Downloading Zoiper for your pc: Zoiper is available at the Zoiper Website. Press the download button on the Zoiper website and then: Click the download according to which Operating System you are using (i.