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babblevoice Phone Accreditation

babblevoice maintains 3 levels of accreditation. Partial Accreditation will provide you with a phone which works, but may not provide the best user experience. Full Accreditation will give you a phone with better all round support and probably better sound quality. Higher Full Accreditation - that little bit more. Phones which receive either accreditation will also receive a mark for Sound Quality.

Full Accreditation + ZTP

Must meet the Full standard as well as:

Full Accreditation

Phones which receive this level of accreditation have met our higher standard of quality control and integration standard. Not only do they have to meet the Partial standard but also meet the following standard

  • Must be deployable via the babblevoice provisioning system
  • Must have directory built in and sync capability with babblevoice
  • Must have support for multiple lines for multiple SIP accounts
  • Voice Quality to receive a measure of 7 or more

Partial Accreditation

SIP support with SRV records to connect with babblevoice, along with published instructions on this site

  • Voice Quality to receive a measure of 5 or more
  • (CODECS) Support of either G711, iLBC or G722 (HD)

Sound Quality

This assessment is carried out by a babblevoice Engineer. We look at

  • The CODEC choice (support of 1, 2 or 3 of the above CODECS) - 3 marks
  • Only phones support G722 will can receive the highest mark - 1 mark
  • Build quality of the microphone and speaker in the handset and in turn the overall quality of the actual sound they produce/record - 4 marks
  • Build quality of handsfree speaker and microphone and in turn the actual overall sound they produce/record - 2 marks