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Also see Android Phones for the Android version.

Eyebeam is a full featured softphone, it also has a free version (which doesn't offer call transfer) and that's called X-Lite. Probably one of the more popular soft phones around today. Warning, like all softphones, they require more managing than a physical phone, you should be aware of this when choosing to buy physical or softphone.

It has been full tested with babblevoice and we are happy to announce that it works.

Presence works fully, ensuring office communications when handling calls is made even simpler. In fact this feature is so well done that it is capable even as a basic receptionist console.

Configuration is very simple as well.

In Eyebeam (X-Lite as well) create a SIP account with:

  • Display Name (whatever you wish)
  • User name (the username you created in Devices)
  • Password (the secret you created in the device)
  • Authorization username (the username in the device)
  • Domain (if you hadn't noticed you have is your domain)

Select you want to register it to the domain.

With this configured you can then configure further more advanced options if desired.

NB 14-1-16: Counterpath the makers of Eyebeam are now referring to Eyebeam as legacy, and as such ilbc will not be supported. Please ensure you set the codecs to G711 or the higher definition G722.


In the storage tab of the SIP account select storage method XCAP with the URL of The username and password fields are the username and passwords of the device (i.e. the SIP account). The username takes the format of username@domain.

With this enabled, eyebeam will maintain an up to date list of contact information for other users in the office making the configuration of presence and contacts a breeze.

Silence suppression

If you have enough bandwidth for all calls (and we suggest you have!) then we recommend disabling this feature in eyebeam. Although good intentions of saving Internet bandwidth by not transmitting silent periods it can introduce other problems, most noticeably in-perfect audio for the person you are talking to - it sounds as the phone call goes dead which clicks in and out.

This setting can be found in eyebeam advanced settings->network. Make sure "Preserve bandwidth during silence periods" in unchecked.


When setting up your Bria client you will now need to go toSettings -> Account Advanced -> Show Miscellaneous -> Passive Session Timer and switch on the Passive Session Timer. If you do not do this you will experience problems with making outbound calls.