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Reporting with babble Vibes

babblevoice Vibes is a full reporting dashboard which is designed for both a managers personal reporting system, or for large screen format designed to provide useful feedback for teams of users.

The Vibes application gives you the ability to have multiple boards per user and on each board have multiple vibes. A vibe is a small piece of information displayed using a graph of your choice.

Each vibe, in essence, is a small application/gadget in itself - there are a small number of gadgets available all in themselves configurable. The combination of number of gadgets and then the settings within them makes the reporting extremely flexible.

We currently have the following gadgets available

Big Screen

We recommend Google Chromecast.

Google Chromecast is a inexpensive simple way to watch video content on your TV.

Chromecast (£30 at the time of writing) is one of the best streaming devices. It plugs into your TV and grants easy access to multiple streaming services from Netflix and YouTube or in our case Google Chrome.

Google - a quick start guide

Purchase from Google.

Plugged into a screen of your choice. From your computer you can then display your Vibes board (or the that evenings Football match!).

Then select 'Cast' from Chome's menu.


  • Board - like a physical whiteboard, it is a full screen of multiple pieces of information (Vibes),
  • Vibe - one of the items on a board,
  • Gadget - a small application when placed on your board and configured becomes a Vibe,
  • Vibes - the name of the complete reporting application.