Use this windows to configure general parameters for the domain. You can access this popup through the main window in the babblevoice console by clicking the ‘cog’ button. Alternatively, the same settings can be found under device->edit->advanced for configuring differently on a phone by phone basis.

Max spend per minute (£)

Setting this value will increase or decrease the maximum amount of money you will allow to spend on each call. For example, setting a value of £0.01 (1p) will allow landline calls to go through, but disallow anything more expensive - such as mobile calls.

The default amount for this is £0.5 - 50p per minute. This is a new limit, which should not affect the emajority of users, but in a effort to ensure fruadulent dialling does not happen on the babblevoice network we decided to introduce this limit. If this is too restrictive then you can adjust it in the console.

Allow match

When this option is blank it is not used. If you enter a value (which uses our simple pattern matching spec), it will only allow calls to external numbers if the number matches this pattern. So for example, if you have ‘01’ in this value the number dialled 01442299280 it will be allowed, however, the number 07445445665 will be disallowed.

If you have Default area code enabled, this test is applied after the expansion of the phone number.

Disallow match

This is the inverse of the allow match. If the value matches then the call will be blocked.

Default area code

Set by ‘Enable default area code’ and ‘Enable default area code’

These 2 options allow you to configure what the numbers your users will be dialling. So for example, if you are based in an area with area code of 01442 then you can enable this option and set the area code appropriately. When your users need to dial 01442299280 then they will be able to dial simply 299280 (like the good ol’ days!).

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