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babblevoice Console

To access your console, go to and click on the sign in with google button or on the sign-in button in the top right-hand corner, then choose sign in to The Console.

On your console page, the left-hand side shows which domain(s) you have access to - the domain highlighted green is the one you are currently viewing the console for.

The babblevoice console is centred around 6 sections which are used for controlling the various functions. On this page, we offer a brief introduction to each section and what can be accessed from it.


This is where you control the funds in your babblevoice system:

Add Funds & Direct Debit

Here you can add credit, or set up a Direct Debit. Full details are found in our managing funds guide.

Call Cost Calculator

This tool allows you to work out roughly how much a call will cost - for more details view our call cost doc.

Transfer Money

This allows you to move funds to another domain in babblevoice. Please be aware, this is a one way process and cannot be undone!


The statement button allows you to view your babblevoice invoices.

Export CDR

This button allows you to download the details of your calls - up to 1000 in one CSV file. Click on the button, choose the date you want and click download.

Funds bar

Shows the current amount of money you have on your babblevoice account available to use on calls (or purchase of other items).

Call Spend bar

This is the amount of money spent to date this month, on phone calls.


This section is responsible for how calls are handled. Use our Call Rules doc for a more detailed insight into Rules.


For most users this section is about how to configure a phone to use on the system. It is however called Devices, as you can configure another VOIP server you may have on site to connect with babblevoice.

In this section you can add, remove or edit a phone's configuration. See our Creating a device doc for more information on how to do this.


This is where the users accounts that have access to the domain are controlled.

Depending on your Permissions, you can Add, Edit and Remove Users. Further details regarding this is explained fully in our Users guide.


This is where you control your purchased items including Phone numbers, Call Recordings and Audio files.

Certain items in this section can be edited - click on the Edit Item button and find out!


Vibes is the reporting tool and clicking on this button will open your vibes screen. Our Vibes document takes a much more detailed look through Vibes.

If you have any further questions regarding any of the information above then please get in touch.