Getting Started

This area of the site is dedicated to documentation for babblevoice. There is a wealth of information here and we aim to provide all the help you need. But if you do not find the information you need here you can always contact us.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It is free to use.

Setup phones, point them to babblevoice, make calls between them, use the conference facilities or even make calls to freephone numbers. Spend some time in our Documents and play with our tools. There are lots of productivity and integration tools available all available free of charge.

But there are some items which cost money. Items which incur us costs. So phone number rental, storage for call recording. But no commitment, turn up and down the tap as you need to. (Note if you have purchased babblevoice through reseller prices may vary).

Product Price
Single Phone numbers £4 per month
Block of 5 Phone numbers £13.34 per month
Block of 10 Phone numbers £20 per month
Port a number into babblevoice £24 per number with discount for quantity
Phone call recording £1 per 10GB per month, every £40 spent an extra 100GB + £5 per month to store as MP3
Voice Prompt storage £2.50 per month
Voice Prompt storage including your choice of Music on Hold * £7.50 per month
Call compression - iLBC & G722 £0.50 per device on your domain per month
Partner Programme Support Fees ** £38.40 per month
Speech to text *** £0.03 per 15 second block

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

* By default there is a calming selection of music on hold provided free of charge.

** babblevoice Desktop is provided free of charge, this allows you to link babblevoice Desktop to the Medical Information System EMIS.

*** Speech to text - Powerful speech recognition; this is used for auto attendants and voicemail transcribing. If you transcribe 3 seconds then this is charged at 15 seconds. If you have a 2 level auto attendant and both steps require 5 seconds then you will be charged 30 seconds.

Call Rates

You get a complete phone system for the price of the call rates. Listed below are the most popular prices from our standard tariff. Calls are billed per second (this makes an enormous difference), prices listed are per pence per minute exclusive VAT. The prices listed are typical for the destination and may vary. To obtain an accurate price please see our Call Cost Calculator. There is a minimum charge of 1.5p per connected call on chargeable calls.

Destination Peak Off Peak
National 1p 0.5p
Mobile 9.5p 9.5p
0870 13p 7p
0845 4.4p 2p
USA 0.96p 0.96p
UK Texts (alerts) 10p 10p

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Peak refers to weekdays, between 9AM and 6PM. Off peak is any other time. For any other destinations you can find out the price by using the Call Cost Calculator in your babblevoice console.

Charities and NHS organisations enjoy better tariffs - please get in touch.

Making calls

Once you have phones configured, making and receiving calls is simple. For inbound calls, configure how you would like calls to be handled via:

  • Simple to write, plain English, rules which can be as simple or complex as you like,
  • Integrate with 3rd party software to provide advanced IVR menus using any language and Baaxml,
  • Integrate with 3rd party software using some of our provided integrated software such as our EMIS link.

Making calls couldn’t be simpler. Just dial the number!

Caller ID

When making outbound calls, you decide which phone number you want presenting to the called party.

If you decide to normally show your caller ID, hide it for specific calls by prefixing the call with 141. If you decide to normally hide your caller ID, show it for specific calls by prefixing the call with 1470.

More information

Use the navigation above to find all other information about babblevoice, including reporting, API and programming.

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Also, check out the babblevoice University on Youtube or ask a question in our Google Group.